: Gymnastics: GYMNASTICS II – “ ” . – (): “” . . ; ; ; . . . , . GYMNASTICS I.Discuss with your group-mates before you read the text: What sport is the most graceful and artistic II.Say in Russian: • what you know about gymnastics competition • how many events a men’s […]

English Theoretical Grammar:

: English Theoretical Grammar: Lecture-Notes in English Theoretical Grammar Theme 1. INTRODUCTION. Point 1. The subject of theoretical grammar and its difference from practical grammar. The following course of theoretical grammar serves to describe the grammatical structure of the English language as a system where all parts are interconnected. The difference between theoretical and practical […]

English in business:

: English in business: Unit 1 ENGLISH IN BUSINESS THE MORE, THE BETTER "English is more and more necessary for international business, but less and less sufficient"(Leonard Orban, EU Commissioner for Multilingualism) 1 Pre-reading task. Discuss the following questions in groups: -People have always needed a common language to communicate. What language have they used […]

Business English:

: Business English: Business English 2008 802.0 72 2008 46 . I . ISBN 5-93362-112-9 &Oacute 2001 . Ó – , 2001 . Chapter 1. Business Basics Part 1. Forms of Business Organization Part 2. Fundamentals of Marketing Part 3. Management Part 4. Accounting and Finance Part 5. International Trade Tasks marketing business trade accounting […]

Brief course on lexicology:

: Brief course on lexicology: BRIEF COURSE ON LEXICOLOGY Lecture 1 Lexicologyis the science of the word and distinguished in: – General and special – Contrastive and comparative – Descriptive (the synchronic approach) and historical (the diachronic approach). Contrastive and comparative, descriptive and historical are closely connected. Lexical units are morphemes, words, word-groups, phraseological units. […]

Activity of campaigns:

: Activity of campaigns: Etiquette In business situations we often have to meet new people, and first impressions are important to help relationships with new contacts get off to a good start. However, the behavior that is considered polite may vary depending on culture. Manners are important in everyday work situations. What passes as good […]

Zusammenspiel der Realiatete als eines der Hauptprinzipien des Sujetaufbaus im Roman Stiller von Max Frisch:

: Zusammenspiel der Realiatete als eines der Hauptprinzipien des Sujetaufbaus im Roman Stiller von Max Frisch: Moskauer Staatliche Linquistische Universitaet Lehrstuhl fuer Lexikologie und Stilistik der deutschen Sprache Diplomarbeit Das Zusammenspiel der Realitaeten als eines der Hauptprinzipien des Sujetaufbaus im Roman von Max Frisch "Stiller" eingerichtet von Irina Sizikova Moskau 2003 Inhaltsverzeichnis Einleitung………………………………………………………………….3 Kapitel I.Der […]